Metformin partially reverses the inhibitory effect of co-culture with ER-/PR-/HER2+ breast cancer cells on biomarkers of monocyte antitumor activity

Mammalian Cell Biology

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PRDM9 activity depends on HELLS and promotes local 5-hydroxymethylcytosine enrichment.

Meiosis and recombination

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Re-assessment of the involvement of <i>Snord115</i> in the serotonin 2C receptor pathway in a genetically relevant mouse model.

Systemic impact of small regulatory RNAs

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A predictable conserved DNA base composition signature defines human core DNA replication origins.

Replication and Genome Dynamics

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Reading the epigenetic code for exchanging DNA.

Meiosis and recombination

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SETX (senataxin), the helicase mutated in AOA2 and ALS4, functions in autophagy regulation

Systemic impact of small regulatory RNAs

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