Drosophila Facility

équipe drosophile

The Drosophila facility based at IGH has been officially affiliated to the mixed service unit of BioCampus Montpellier since June 1st 2017.

The facility is helping the different research team of Montpellier working on the Drosophila genetic model. The facility is producing specific fly media for 6 IGH teams and 11 external teams, corresponding to 10 Research Institutes in Montpellier, which represents approximately 60 researchers, post-docs and students.

Today, the Drosophila facility of Montpellier is one of the biggest in France.

Fabienne, Stéphanie and Damien are at the facility to answer all requests :

by phone: (+33) 4 34 35 99 80
by email: contact link opposite

Thanks to the online command service, the facility ensure the regular production of fresh Drosophila fly food (standard cornmeal yeast extract media) presented in tubes or bottles, and the preparation of various media for egg laying, like the « Béa » media (regular fly food plus neutral red pigment) and the « Flo » media (vinegar based media).

The Facility makes available a database for common stocks, some dehydrated yeast and some anti-acarid paper.

Specifically for IGH teams:

The facility ensures the maintenance of the Drosophila stock collection of each team of the Institute (approximately 2500 different stocks of Drosophila are constantly maintained).

Equipment available

  • The IGH possesses several high-precision incubators
  • Two fly rooms are equipped with binocular microscopes (15 working stations equipped with CO2)
  • One GFP-binocular magnifier is also available, as well as injection equipment for the production of transgenic lines or the injection of RNA molecules.
Project leader

Isabelle BUSSEAU
Gestionnaire parc binoculaires et injection

Responsable Technique

Florian CROS
Agent technique

Gestionnaire parc binoculaires et injection