Control of gene expression during Xenopus early development.

Replication and Genome Dynamics

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Detection of antigen receptor gene rearrangements in lymphoproliferative malignancies by fluorescent polymerase chain reaction.

IMGT® - the international ImMunoGeneTics information system®

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The muscle regulatory factors MyoD and Myf-5 undergo distinct cell-specific expression in muscle cells.

Mammalian Cell Biology

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Dynamics of the genome during early Xenopus laevis development : karyomeres as independent units of replication.

Replication and Genome Dynamics

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A genetic study of the south Altaian population of the Mendur-Sokkon village, Altai Republic.

IMGT® - the international ImMunoGeneTics information system®

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Hybrid polard compounds selected as inducers of differentiation of transformed cells inhibit histone deacetylase activity.

Homing, immune activation and infection

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A sequence based computational identification of Drosophila developmentally regulated TATA-less NA polymerase II promoter and its experimental validation.

Meiosis and recombination

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The Drosophila Fab-7 chromosomal element conveys epigenetic inheritance during mitosis and meiosis

Chromatin and cell biology

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Microinjection and immunological methods in the analysis of type 1 and 2A protein phosphatase from mammalian cells.

Mammalian Cell Biology

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Interaction of the second coding exonof Tat withhuman EF-1 delta delineates a mechanism forHIV-1 shut-off of host mRNA translation.

Laboratory of Molecular Virology

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Localization of ASH1 mRNA particles in living yeast.

Cell Biology of RNA

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Phosphatidylinositol 3-Kinase Is Required for the Regulation of Hepatitis B Surface Antigen Production and Mitogen-Activated Protein Kinase Activation by Insulin but Not by TPA

Homing, immune activation and infection

Yea-Lih Lin and Chen-Kung Chou

Un peptide synthétique vecteur pour les rétinoïdes et anti-prolifératif.

Mammalian Cell Biology

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Functional specificity of the two retinoic acid receptor RAR and RXR families in myogenesis.

Mammalian Cell Biology

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