Genome Surveillance and Stability

Molecular bases of human diseases

Our group is generally interested in the regulation of the DNA Damage Response (DDR), and in particular in its regulation during the early steps of embryonic development. The main function of the DDR is to slow down, or arrest cell prolferation in the presence of DNA lesions (DNA breaks, telomer integrity, replication forks stall) so to avoid cell division in the presence of DNA damage and therefore avoid the propagation of mutations that are drivers of genomic instability. A strong genomic instability is a feature of cancer cells (telomeric fusions, trabnsocations, duplications, deletions). To date it is admitted that the majority of sporadic tumours are the consequence of mutations in DDR genes, which can also lead to the development of genetic diseases. Hence the DDR is currently considered as a major barrier to malignat transformation playing a key role in maintenace of genomic stability.


Waqar Ali
Waqar ALI

Antoine AZE

James Hutchins

Mouhamed Idrissou


Adeline Augereau

Nathalie Malirat
Nathalie MALIRAT

Yara Bawadi

Alix Bernet


Publications of the team

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+ Replication and Genome Dynamics

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+ Replication and Genome Dynamics

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+ Replication and Genome Dynamics

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+ Replication and Genome Dynamics

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+ Replication and Genome Dynamics

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Functional characterization of the tolerance to DNA damage of early embryosSubject: 25/11/2019

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Functional interaction between the lesion tolerance system and the DNA damage checkpoint: implications for genome stability and oncogenesis 14/12/2016

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