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Theses and HDR

Study of the role of RNases H proteins in the cellular response to replication stress
Defended by Samira Kemiha on 14/04/2022 under the supervision of Armelle Lengronne and Jérôme Poli 

How do cells coordinate replication and transcription?
By Jérôme Poli on 08/04/2022

Characterization of a Novel Role of LNG3 in the Maintenance of Genome Stability
Defended by Rana Lebdy on 18/03/2022 under the supervision of Cyril Ribeyre

Interplay between meiotic recombination and chromosome organization in mouse
Defended by Mathilde Biot on 11/03/2022 under the supervision of Bernard De Massy

Impact of cytosolic nucleic acids on antitumor immunity in a glioblastoma model
Defended by Johanna MARINES under the supervision of Dr. Karima Kissa & Dr. Nadine Laguette

Reciprocal regulation between microRNAs and their targets
Defended by Sophie Mockly on 08/12/2021 under the supervision of Hervé Seitz

Role of protein condensation in response to DNA damage
By Jihane Basbous the 02/12/2021

Role of NF90 in the miRNA pathway
Defended by Giuseppa Grasso on 08/11/2021 under the supervision of Rosemary Kiernan

SARS-COV-2 and HIV-1 infections: acute and chronic immune activation
Defended by Lucy Kundura on 03/11/2021

Topic: Design and implementation of bioinformatic tools for RNA sequencing data analysis
Defended by Claudio Lorenzi on 20/10/2021