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Speaker: Chambeyron Severine « Le Lazaret » (223 Rue du Pasteur Lucien Benoît, 34200 Sète)

"InteRNAt" summer school on small regulatory RNAs (microRNA, siRNA, piRNA)

Small regulatory RNAs (miRNAs, siRNAs, and piRNAs) have attracted a lot of attention over the past two decades. The use of siRNAs for experimental gene repression by RNA interference, the apparent low specificity of miRNAs (each appears to repress hundreds of target genes, implying that miRNAs collectively participate in the control of all physiological processes in Animals), and the numerous regulatory roles proposed for piRNAs, probably explain the great interest in them by the scientific community.

Inevitably, among the deluge of publications devoted to these small RNAs, some contradict others without mentioning it; it becomes difficult, for the non-specialist, to get a real idea of the state of a field to which dozens of scientific articles are devoted every day. The combination of semantic difficulties and the volume of existing publications on the subject create a real barrier to enter this scientific field, which we feel is important to lower by offering participants a clear and synthetic vision of the state of the art on the subject. The aim of this CNRS thematic school is to take stock of established knowledge, to mention current controversies, to give all the objective elements on past controversies, to clear up ambiguities of nomenclature and vocabulary, so as to give participants the knowledge to understand the literature of the field.

Like all CNRS thematic schools, InteRNAt offers high-level training for the scientific community (regular researchers, post-doctoral fellows, etc.). It is open primarily to CNRS employees, but also, within the limits of available places, to employees of other organizations, students, private companies, etc. Unlike a conventional conference, the lectures given at a thematic school constitute a coherent, progressive whole, a real teaching that must be followed in its entirety by the participants. In addition to the lectures, workshops will involve a certain amount of interactivity with the participants, and, on the margins, more informal exchanges favored by the residential format.

If the number of pre-registered participants exceeds the maximum number (currently set at 40), the scientific and organization committees will select, among the pre-registered participants, those who will be able to register definitively.

Pre-registration is open from March 31, 2023 to July 13, 2023.

Note: for CNRS employees, the registration fees are paid directly by CNRS.


Contact IGH Herve SEITZ | | Isabelle Busseau

Systemic impact of small regulatory RNAs

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La Panacée, Montpellier

Ciliate Molecular Biology Meeting 2023
The main objective of the Ciliate Molecular Biology Meeting 2023 is to bring together international established, junior and developing researchers that use different ciliate biological models to approach biological questions and applications. The meeting will provide a stimulating, diverse and multidisciplinary program, and a forum for open discussions of exciting advances and future directions. Topics will cover both well-established and ground-breaking work, including chromatin modifications/remodeling, epigenetic inheritance, programmed DNA rearrangements, non-coding RNAs, genome evolution, membrane biology and signaling, cilia/cytoskeleton dynamics and morphogenesis/development. Related disciplines being explored in increasing detail with molecular and genomic approaches, namely the biodiversity and ecology of ciliates, and their bacterial symbionts will also be included. To draw students into scientific careers and showcase ciliates as extraordinary biological models, a session dedicated to using ciliates in undergraduate research and classroom laboratories will also take place.


Contact IGH Kazufumi MOCHIZUKI

Epigenetic Chromatin Regulation

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Amphitheater of Genopolys

Mini-Symposium on Small regulatory RNAs: from biogenesis to function


8h30-9h00 : Welcome
9h00-9h10 Séverine CHAMBEYRON Introduction
9h10-9h50 Ramesh PILLAI Piwi protein-directed piRNA biogenesis
9h50-10h30 Mikiko SIOMI Vasa in piRNA biogenesis
10h30-10h50 Yuica KOGA Analysis of molecular contribution of mitochondrial scaffold protein to piRISC maturation
11h20-12h00 Charlotte GRIMAUD Deciphering Piwi-dependent transcriptional silencing
12h00-12h20 Marion VAROQUI Transposable element biology : from their awakening to their new integration in the host genome
14h00-14h40 Vincent COLOT trans-acting small RNAs determine the potential for TE-associated epiallelic variation in plants
14h40-15h20 Hervé SEITZ microRNA target identification: insights from the evolutionary history of microRNA families
15h20-16h00 Haru SIOMI Mouse embryonic development requires transposable element expression
16h00-16h40 Martine SIMONELIG mRNA regulation by piRNAs in Drosophila
16h40-17h20 Kazufumi MOCHIZUKI Small RNA-directed programmed genome rearrangement in Tetrahymena
17h20 : Concluding discussions


Contact IGH Severine CHAMBEYRON

Non-coding RNA, epigenetics and genome stability

virtual research day on "Scientific Research: Emerging Concepts and Ethical Challenges"

The Beirut Arab University (BAU) in partnership with the Institute of Human Genetics (IGH) and the Lebanese National Center for Scientific Research (CNRS-L) are pleased to announce the virtual research day on  "Scientific Research: Emerging Concepts and Ethical Challenges" during which distinguished investigators will address different aspects of research, including ethical questions, the popularization of science, the limits of artificial intelligence...

Contact IGH Jihane BASBOUS

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Institut des Cordeliers, Paris

7th SFMPP congress "Precision medicine, genomics, oncogenomics"

The French Society of Personalized Medicine will hold its 7th annual congress "Precision medicine, genomics and oncogenomics" at the Institut des Cordieliers, Paris
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