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Chromosome Doomsday

Chromatin and cell biology

Workshop on  “Chromosome Doomsday” discussing modelling approaches to understand Principles of 3D Genome Regulation, with two invited distinguished speakers:

Mario Nicodemi

> Professor of Theoretical Physics and mathematical modelling at the Università di Napoli “Federico II”.

> Einstein BIH Visiting Professor at the MDC in Berlin  

Talk at 10:30 AM - Talk title: “Polymer phase separation controls chromatin architecture in single-cells”

Leonid Mirny

> Professor of Health Sciences & Technology, and Physics, MIT

> Blaise Pascal Chair of Excellence

Talk at 11:30 AM - Talk title "The interplay of physical mechanisms in chromosome organization”
Meeting ID: 898 7238 3476
Passcode: 890328

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Genome diversity and instability in the human germline

Meiosis and recombination

Bio sketch:

Eva Hoffmann is professor in genomics and reproductive health at the Medical School, University of Copenhagen, Denmark. Her lab investigates genome diversification processes in the human germline using single-cell and low-input genomics, in particular meiotic recombination and chromosome segregation. They also assess the impact on the high rate of chromosome errors on fertility and congenital disorders (Gruhn et al, Science, 2019). Eva serves on the executive board of ReproUnion ( and is their Scientific Coordinator. Research in her lab is funded by the European Research Council and the Novo Nordisk Foundation.

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L(3)mbt controls the ping-pong machinery with the novel cofactor Lint-O in Drosophila ovarian somatic cells

The Genome Dynamics  department welcomes an external seminar by Pr Mikiko C. Siomi Department of Biophysics and Biochemistry, University of Tokyo JAPAN

Réunion zoom :

ID de réunion : 867 2830 4416 Code secret : 079028

Maze runners and square dancers: Single-molecule imaging of DNA-protein transactions

Sujet : Zoom meeting invitation - Réunion Zoom de Edouard Bertrand

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On behalf of Dr. Philippe Pasero and Dr. Edouard Bertrand

Genome diversity and instability in the human germline

Uncovering the role of transcriptional dark matter in healthy and diseased cells

Axon degeneration from a fly's perspective

Regulation of large-scale chromatin architecture in mammalian cells

Nick GILBERT - Institute of Genetics and Molecular Medecine - Univ. of Edinburgh, UK

Regulation of large-scale chromatin architecture in mammalian cells