Epigenetics workshop-Seminar Serie 7th-15th Nov 2022 Architecture nucléaire dans les contextes physiologiques et pathologiques

The Nuclear architecture in physiology - Charlène Boumendil - and the Chromatin and cell biologyGiacomo CAVALLI - are thrilled to announce our next workshop in Epigenetics, from November 07th to November 15th.
We have a fantastic speakers line up (see below and attached flyer), all seminars will take place at 2pm in the Genopolys Amphitheatre.

7th Nov, 2pm: Dr Petra Hajkova, MRC London Institute of Medical Sciences - UK
Stability and erasure of epigenetic information in vivo and in vitro

8th Nov, 2pm: Dr Caroline Dean, John Innes Centre - UK
Cold-induced epigenetic silencing

9th Nov, 2pm: Dr Jop Kind, Hubrecht Institute - Netherlands
The chromatin landscape during early embryo development at single-cell resolution

10th Nov, 2pm: Dr Geneviève Almouzni, Institut Curie - France
Histone H3 variants and chaperones on the chromatin dance-floor

14th Nov, 2pm: Dr Remi Terranova, Novartis, Novartis Institutes for BioMedical Research - Switzerland
Basic Principles of Preclinical Safety Assessment- Therapeutic Modulation of the Epigenome

15th Nov, 2pm: Dr Maud Borensztein, Institute of Molecular Genetics of Montpellier - France
X-chromosome dynamics during female mouse development