Projet : To analyze the molecular mechanisms of mRNA regulation by piRNAs and PIWI proteins

We have shown that the PIWI protein Aubergine (Aub) plays a role in the stability of maternal mRNAs in the embryo: it is involved in both the decay of maternal mRNAs in the somatic part of the embryo, and the stabilization of the same mRNAs in the germ plasm -a specialized cytoplasm at the posterior pole of the embryo, from which the germline develops-.

Recently, we have identified a new function of Aub in the translational control of maternal mRNAs.

We are analyzing this new function.

mRNA modification or “epitranscriptomics” has emerged has a new layer of gene regulation.

We are addressing a potential interplay between piRNAs and epitranscriptomics in mRNA regulation.