Vertebrate Animal Tray

The iExplore technical platform is the breeding and functional exploration platform of the Arnaud de Villeneuve campus and is part of the Montpellier Animal Network  (RAM).
It is specialised in the production and provision of animal models, GMO or wild, and the associated functional exploration.
It offers quality breeding and accommodation services for your experiments in A1 and A2 confinement under FPF and/or conventional status.

In addition, the platform offers you services such as

  • approved infrastructures
  • areas dedicated to stabling and experimentation on the models covered by the approval
  • areas dedicated to functional exploration on rodents
  • tested equipment
  • supply of consumables, PPE, veterinary products

The type of animals housed :

  • genetically modified wild mice
  • genetically modified wild rats
  • rabbits
  • xenopes
  • fish

Animal husbandry :

  • compliance with the regulations in force
  • daily care and monitoring of the animals
  • quarterly health monitoring
  • rigorous traceability

Project management :

  • scientific and technical advice
  • compliance of the service provided with your request
  • ​our commitment to confidentiality

Access to the platform (from the IGH or IGF networks)