Nature publication by the LifeTime Initiative: Improving Healthcare and Healthcare Systems in Europe Through "Interceptive" Cellular Medicine

The LifeTime initiative, in which the Institute of Human Genetics (IGH), the CNRS and the Institut Curie participate, brings together hundreds of researchers, clinicians, industry leaders and policy makers both in France and in Europe. Together, they publish their LifeTime Strategic Research Agenda as well as an article in Nature on September 7, 2020, providing their vision and a roadmap for the coming decade. They explain how the latest scientific and technological advances should make it possible to monitor and understand the future of human cells in order to treat individuals throughout their lifetime. Thanks to a new so-called “interceptive” cellular medicine - able to diagnose the disease even before symptoms appear and to anticipate treatments - their aim is to offer better care to patients and to establish more sustainable health systems in Europe.
See publication: Rajewsky, N. et al. LifeTime and improving European healthcare through cell-based interceptive medicine